Автор: Н.И. Козлов

Training Center «Syntone»

Синтон - крупнейший в России центр психологических тренингов.
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​​​​​​​Training Center «Syntone» is the largest training center in Russia, specializing in personal development trainings. Since 1983, more than 200 thousand people have gone through Syntone trainings, every year there are more than 3000 new students. The training center features over 50 copyright training programs done by 30 professional psychologists, coaches of highest qualification. Psychologists in more than 50 cities of Russia, as well as in Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Ukraine work in the Syntone branches or using Syntone methods. More than a dozen books based on the Syntone experience have been written and published in millions of copies. The founder of Syntone – professor Nikolai Kozlov, PhD in Psychology.

Syntone is developing its own direction of applied psychology - Syntone approach, in which a person is seen as the author of his own life, having the mind and will, and being responsible for their decisions, life choices, attitudes, feelings and emotions.

The main areas of ​​interest of Syntone are harmonious interpersonal relationships, happy personal life and mental well-being, successful business behavior and effective running of business. Syntone advocates humanistic values, but uses realistic methods in its activities and sees itself in the framework of realistic psychology. Syntone is very practical, focused primarily not on explanation but on change. Theoretical explanations are appropriate only when they become a working tool, helping to solve problems. Syntone is far from esoterism, it is materialistic. Syntone is not concerned with what`ve caused the problem in the past, it suggests setting goals, and outlining a plan to build a decent personal future. Syntone believes that childhood is the most decisive period when a person’s individual ways of relating to the world are laid, and considers it important that this understanding takes a practical form. In the choice between adaptive behavior and development of a person Syntone chooses development. To adapt to life is a less worthy task than to develop yourself into a respectable person and create a decent life around you. In Syntone personality and emotions are not a value in itself, but personal tools which people can use to build themselves a future. Personality is not born, personality is made. Syntone insists on combining instrumental and value approaches. Syntone is very technological, it gives a lot of working techniques, but at the same time it actively discusses issues of values, meaning and direction of life. Syntone proceeds from the assumption that you should not give psychological techniques into the hands of someone who could use them irresponsibly against others.

Syntone approach is applied both in the training activities and counselling practice. Rich experience and methodological framework of Syntone form the basis of the Institute of Applied Psychology , where coaches of psychological trainings and counselors are retrained and attend professional skills development courses.

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