Driving forces of personal development

The driving force, the source, the engine of growth and development could be the person themselves, but there are two beginnings:

  1. The negative or positive forces inside a person

Something within us always pushes (or pushes away) us from something, whether we want it or not. We are constantly experiencing unconscious movements of the soul and body within the zero position of perception: body automatism, built-in habits, common fears and natural drives. Children often live in a bright world and on a positive motivation, the situation changes with age. For a big personality, the internal motivator of activity is usually negative motivation (fear, boredom, the need to compensate the loss) a developed personality uses both, positive and negative motivations, depending on the situation and upcoming tasks.

  1. Own conscious initiative

The conscious choice of a person, the volitional component, the implementation of the first and higher position of perception: "I am actively developing myself."

The driving force, the engine of growth and development can be society: parents, school, representatives of various public and state institutions ("They're working with me").

In conclusion: the engine of growth and development can be:

  1. natural internal source "Some kind of motor inside me"
  2. own conscious initiative "I am actively developing myself"
  3. initiative of other people or organizations "They're working with me"

In combination with who or what sets the direction of growth and development, you can build an abundant typology of personal growth and development.

Personal features

It is possible that some people have an innate motivation to grow and develop their personality.

There are people who have the value and motivation to develop their own personality at some stage of life, it's leading, determining, more important than the values of personal life and the values of business-work-business.

"The Creators" have the stable motivation for development, when there is an external request for it (people and business need it).

"The Parasite" and "The Consumer" have no independent motivation to develop. When the body wants to move and develop, they move and develop. When the energy dissapears with age, they lie down on the sofa in the absence of external kicks and begin to decompose, degrade.