Author: Oksana Pavlikova,
​​​​​​​University of practical psychology

Questions that guide me through life

When I finish my studies at the University of practical psychology, I will start independent work. Who will give me tasks and recommendations? What will guide me in my future life?

I have formed for myself 5 main and 5 detailed questions that I want to integrate into my life. They will become part of the Foundation that I create for myself while studying at the SCP.

The first question: Who is responsible for the fact that I now live the way I live?

First topic-the Author and the Victim-made me rethink a lot.
I got the whole family involved in writing the study paper. Together we discussed and analyzed the behavior of the characters, recalled and compared their behavior in life.

This topic will run through my life like a red thread and will always be relevant!

The second question: Who can I thank now for living this way and not otherwise?

I also learned to think purposefully about gratitude to myself and others at the University! I am grateful to myself for coming to the SCP in search of solutions to my problems. Opened a New world of Wonderful People! I am grateful to these People! I am grateful that I was looking for and found this particular road, grateful to the feeling that is in me and did not give me peace! I am grateful that now I know myself better, I know That I am responsible for everything! I feel freer and bolder! I have no time to be afraid and mumble! I want to act!

The third question: What do I want for myself and what do I want to be?

this question was brought to us at the University, when we were given the task to create and write goals for a week, month, year, five years, ten years! I asked myself about the assignment: "Do I have a goal?", " is this goal Related to me?", " do I understand and set goals Correctly?", " What do I want to be in a year, three years, five years, ten years?» Thinking about and searching for answers, ready-made solutions moves and directs me.

The forth question: What Am I now? How much do I fit in with the person I want to be?

I can ask myself this question daily throughout my life. I need this in order to adequately evaluate myself with the real one I want to see myself!

Question five: What is important to me in this life and what is my Values?

I was taught an important belief At the University: "No matter what I do, the amount of good in the world must increase!» Based on this belief, I took a look at my values, conducted an audit and made a clear vision of what is important, valuable, and priority!

And now the detailed questions

The first question: What task am I currently doing this for? What should I do right now?

This is what we are taught. Act for a specific task!

The second question: How do I communicate with people, what do I want to get or convey in the process of communication? What is the purpose of my communication?

This question suggests understanding the productivity and relevance of communication.

This is the core of all communication. In understanding: does what I say and do correspond to what I want to convey and get in the end?
The rector of UPP Kozlov N. I. devoted 30 years of practical work to the art of communication and now teaches us, personally supervises and gives feedback.

Question three: how productively do I implement what I can and have planned?

Previously, I did everything myself and did not have enough time.

Now I know that much of what I have planned can be realized by asking for help, support, assistance and cooperation! A rich resource opens up for me when I communicate with professional, interesting, and productive people. I also want to be a resource for them, to be meaningful and necessary! We need to work together!

Question four: what exactly do I need to get and do today?

Be able to be here and now. This is a detailed review of cases and planning the day with a view from the future under a microscope.

The fifth question: Take stock of the day every day and ask yourself: "What have I done today to increase the amount of good in the World?

you can be guided by ready-made knowledge and skills, repeat and copy, follow pre-laid routes and templates. In order to preserve your individuality and productivity, I suggest that you follow the questions based on the main values and dogmas! This will give you the ability to live up to the times and not lose what is important and valuable!