Author: Alla Solovyova,
University of practical psychology

Good morning, or the beginning of a successful day!

Each of us knows the phrase: "as you meet a new day, so you will spend it." But not everyone thought about the deep meaning of this statement.

I set a goal - to train myself to Wake up with a good mood at the same time. Wish yourself and others a good morning. Perform morning exercises, pour cold water and go to the kitchen with a Regal gait to prepare a delicious Breakfast for everyone. Initially, it took three days out of five to complete the task according to the plan. After some thought, I decided to add encouragement and punishment. It worked, but still something was missing. So I decided to conduct a small experiment:

Meet the new day with a positive attitude, while performing a few simple techniques.

To do this, I prepared myself for a new day in the evening

I said to myself before going to bed this phrase: "I know for sure that tomorrow I will have a great day!» I supported it with pleasant communication with close people. They were good wishes, smiles, and plans for the new day. The right motivation worked. The next day in the morning I got up easily and simply, without an alarm clock. As soon as I woke up, I wished myself a cheerful, good morning. Then I did an exercise that helps Wake up the mind-10 deep breaths. This exercise helps you move smoothly from a sleepy state to a cheerful state without anxiety, panic, or bad mood. Instead of thinking " Why is it so early?", "At least a little more!» there was a mood in my head: "Today I will live a wonderful day, so we must hurry to meet it!»

I visualize a new day with a positive attitude

This technique takes from 4 to 7 minutes. With my eyes closed, I imagine entering a new day with optimism and hope. Even if there is some anxiety in the soul: "what if something doesn't work out?» You can neutralize such thoughts if you imagine how to overcome this difficult barrier. This includes the Author's position: "I can! I can do it!" And be sure to thank yourself for new opportunities and prospects.

Early morning physical exercise

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But it's not enough to just Wake up and visualize in the morning, you also need to stop sleeping. There is an opinion that 10-15 minutes of morning exercise can replace full-length training 1-2 times a week. Great! Another motivator. Therefore, I continue to develop events according to the usual scenario: charging to your favorite music plus a contrasting shower. Changing hot and cold water instantly puts the body in a state of "Good and cheerful", hardens the body and raises the mood. Another mood booster is an energy Breakfast in the form of porridge with dried fruits and honey. Double-check the plan for the day, what is urgent and important, what is important and not urgent. Successful people plan their day. I keep track of time. Great! In the morning, I have time to do all my business on time. Then I go to work with the same positive attitude: "I know for sure, today is a great day!»

Gratitude for a new day

And most importantly, to make the day really successful, you need to treat everything with gratitude. Then the universe will open for you magic doors to new opportunities. From the very morning to thank life for a new wonderful day. This practice takes several minutes. By the way, this can be done during a shower, Breakfast, exercise, when thoughts are free. Thank the universe for everything you have: health, family, loyal friends, favorite studies, new successes. Gradually, you start to enjoy every little thing, focus on what you want to achieve, and not on what you don't have.

Imagine a tree on the edge of a forest. The sun illuminates the tree and shares its warmth. The tree nods its branches in acknowledgment. The wind blows cool, the rain drips with moisture, and in response, the grateful rustle of leaves. It is always grateful for what nature gives it. This tree serves other living beings. Birds build their nests on the branches, and the tree carefully protects their Chicks. Maybe this is the most important thing? Attention to all living things and care for a new day, a new little life, a kind attitude to the world around us and gratitude-all this makes our life rich.

So, to sum up: what do you need to make a successful day?

  • Proper motivation before going to bed: "I know for sure that tomorrow I will have a great day!"
  • Deep breathing technique.
  • Visualization of "today".
  • Morning exercises, contrast shower.
  • Gratitude for a new day. I'm awake, I'm alive, I see the sun, thank you!

It is very easy to start your day in a good mood. It is enough to make only a little effort at first. Gradually, a cheerful morning becomes a pleasant norm, and each new day will be happy and successful. It all works! Tested on yourself!