Friendship: nonsense and myths

Nonsense and myths related to the concept of "friendship»:

  1. "True friendship" (this concept has formed the basis of many literary works), which is based on trust and loyalty to obligations to the point of self-sacrifice. Friendship between men is contrasted with relationships between women, where it is believed that true friendship is impossible.
  2. The juxtaposition of "friendship" and "love". It is believed that love excludes friendship, and friendship excludes love.
  3. In Soviet pedagogy, it was believed that only friendship was allowed between boys and girls at school, and love was unacceptable. FRIENDSHIP IN THE MODERN WORLD THERE IS LOVE TOO, RIGHT?

If they don't want to be friends with us, if they stop loving us, our usefulness in someone's life is over. No one will ever let the right person go out of their life. Your dedication to what you need is off the charts. To rely on the magic of friendship and love is stupid: no matter how harsh it sounds, but as we become a ballast in someone's life, sooner or later we are thrown off the "plane". The magic of friendship and love is created by us, daily and hourly-if we create it.

But being needed is a big job!
But it's much nicer to think that love and friendship exist on their own...
And by themselves, these "love" and "friendship" that arise from the air, and not from some rational utility, forever bind people...
and so we all think and think so...

Do not deceive yourself.

But I confidently declare that there is love and friendship! It is only necessary to know well the nature of these phenomena in human relations. Long-term love and friendship have a rational backbone. Look around - look at other people's relationships! People are strongly connected by mutual strengthening of each other.

With the enlightenment of us, friends! And no offense! We are what we are! And it is better for us not to invent about ourselves.
But we can happily exist in a mutually beneficial exchange forever. Track your contributions to other people. And know that you are exaggerating them))) So roll up your sleeves, work and work, and you will never have to learn that love and friendship don't exist.

It is there! And even eternal is!