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How to procrastinate properly: 5 tips for those who like to save things for tomorrow

As one joke goes, " Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Put it off until the day after tomorrow, and you'll have two days off." In every joke, as you know, there's a share of wisdom!

This is not a "bad advice" category, but a real find for those who are familiar with the following:

  • Starting a business is a real punishment. Plus, there are a lot of other important urgent things to do: sort out the desktop, call your mother, look through Instagram…
  • Many things are put off for never. It seems to need to be done, but it's not urgent, you can tomorrow, next week, in a month, and then forget it. By the way, so often there are unplanned visits to doctors or spontaneous repairs, because something was postponed at the time.
  • If you still managed to start a business, it becomes so "favorite" that parting with it in the process of execution is delayed by a suddenly increased appetite and overall enthusiasm for any other activities and the development of multitasking.
  • But in reality, you are a superhero, a deadline man, and you have the super-ability to complete such tasks in an incredibly short time. While others write a diploma for three months, you heroically create it in three nights. While colleagues are preparing a presentation all day (8 hours of the working day – seriously?!), it is easy for you to make it an hour before the meeting with the client…

As always, a vicious circle! What to do? The most important task is to stop fighting. This will not mean that you have become weak and deflated. To stop fighting is to accept and make friends. The main part of the forces in this approach to doing things is spent on fighting with your conscience, responsibility and inner voice, which reproachfully knocks on the temple "you need to do it, do it, stop sitting on the Internet…»

I will share with you the secrets of how to buy time, stop worrying about procrastinating and become more effective.

1. As the content of the beginner's guide says, get started. Do you know how crafty parents feed their young children? Teeth speak in the truest sense of the word! "Eat another spoonful, and that's it," and then another spoonful for dad, for uncle, for the cat – so the plate is empty. Promise yourself to work on an important task a little, start with 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time. Just 15 minutes of work without distractions. You see, the time has already passed three times more, and the matter has moved on. My heart is light and my conscience is clear!

2. It's time to drink tea at work-drink it! And at the same time arrange a competition, who is faster: the job will be done or the Cup will be empty? One Cup – one task block.

3. Used to postpone things indefinitely-postpone as far as possible, but exactly until the time that you are ready to live with this problem.

A common example is refueling a car. The icon lights up, and we estimate that the car will travel about 100 kilometers, make a wish for the right gas station, and as soon as we see it, we stop by to refuel. Once you take a walk along the highway with a canister-from now on you will develop foresight and foresight.

4. In this case, to make a bet. You can't keep your word to yourself-promise to another, preferably not the most pleasant person for you. If you don't do it within the specified period, you give him a decent amount.

5. And my favorite, for Deadline men. If you are really able to perform any tasks in a short time-use it to your health!

Scientists have found that in a shorter time frame, a person is able to perform more effectively the same actions that they are used to spending more time on. So in one experiment, employees reduced their working hours from eight hours to six. The performance remained the same, but the time was spent less. Therefore, if you know the deadline for the project, make it closer to the deadline. First, instead of berating yourself for not doing anything, your head will be busy mentally preparing and thinking through the details of how best to do it. And second, you'll save time for other tasks instead of wasting it trying to get started.

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