Ethicotypes Theory

Consumer, Creator, Dreamer, Parasite… This typology gives us a simple idea of what is right and what is wrong, an idea of what we shall pursue in life. It lets us evaluate both our and someone's behavior from an ethical point of view.

The Ethical Typology of Identity. Ethicotypes

The major key of the Synthon Method is the idea of ethicotypes, which are various ways of living, different in their levels of ethics. The typology itself is based on two axes: who a person takes care of, and at whose expense he/she does it.

How Ethicotypes Act in Various Life Situations

Within a single day, each of us can act as a Creator, Dreamer, Consumer, or even as a Parasite.

Field theory

Field theory provides us with tools for describing, analyzing, and predicting behavior.

Why IQ, SAT, and GRE don't measure overall intelligence (GDP)

How can you know that two types of measurement point to the same thing? You calculate a statistical metric called correlation (which varies from 0 to 1.0), and the higher the correlation, the more similar these types of measurements are.

The theory of the intermediate variables

The fulfillment of learning conditions affects the formation of an intermediate variable — habits.

Sternberg's theory of intelligence (GDP)

In contrast to Anderson's theory, Sternberg's triarchic theory considers individual experience and context, as well as the basic mechanisms of information processing. Sternberg's theory includes three parts, or sub-theories: the component theory, which considers thought processes; the experien...


​​​​​​​Reactive resistance - resistance in response to resistance as a reaction to undesirable effects.

People often resist attempts to limit their behavior. J. W. Brem suggested that such counteractions can be considered as manifestations of a single motivational state — to restore fr...


Empiricism is a direction in epistemology (epistemology), according to which all knowledge arises as a result of sensory perception and is based on it

Genetic epistemology

Piaget's theory of intellectual development claims to be considered a contribution to another discipline, genetic epistemology.


Associationism – the activity of the psyche based on associations (from lat. associatio - connection).

Emotional intelligence. Why it can mean more than IQ (D. Goleman)

American psychologist, recognized expert in the field of emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman claims that our emotions play a much larger role in achieving success in the family and at work than it is believed.

But what is "emotional intelligence"? Can it be measured? What is the diff...

Theory of sleep. Continuation

Sleep theories are often combined. Thus, both defense and instinct theories may include the concept of recovery. For example, Pavlov recognized the recovery function as part of his defense theory. Theory of energy saving and the theory of recovery can be considered as the theory of protection....

CESI's theory of intelligence (GDP)

Some critics argue that Sternberg's theory is so multi-component that its individual parts do not agree with each other (Richardson, 1986). Others note that this theory does not explain how problem solving is performed in everyday contexts. Still others point out that this theory largely ignor...

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