How Ethicotypes Act in Various Life Situations

Within a single day, each of us can act as a Creator, Dreamer, Consumer, or even as a Parasite.

Ethicotypes Theory

Consumer, Creator, Dreamer, Parasite… This typology gives us a simple idea of what is right and what is wrong, an idea of what we shall pursue in life. It lets us evaluate both our and someone's behavior from an ethical point of view.

The Ethical Typology of Identity. Ethicotypes

The major key of the Synthon Method is the idea of ethicotypes, which are various ways of living, different in their levels of ethics. The typology itself is based on two axes: who a person takes care of, and at whose expense he/she does it.

Social emotions

Social emotions and feelings - emotions and feelings that serve the social interaction of a child with children and adults.

Theories of intelligence - results (GDP)

​​How can you know that two types of measurement point to the same thing? You calculate a statistical metric called correlation, and the higher the correlation, the more similar these types of measurements are.

Training Center «Syntone»

Training Center «Syntone» is the largest training center in Russia, specializing in personal development trainings. Since 1983, more than 200 thousand people have gone through Syntone trainings, every year there are more than 3000 new students. The training center features over 50 copyright tr...

Syntone overview

The history of Syntone training centre began at 1983 as practical psychology club. Club was founded by N.I. Kozlov, who is the professor of psychology now. The first trainings were about communication and interpersonal attitudes. The idea of harmonic communication became the basis and the miss...

Internal and external motivation

External motivation - an incentive or compulsion to do something by external circumstances or incentives for a person.

Marshmallow test

A 15-minute self-control test or how an uneaten candy leads to success. Marshmallow test. In the 1960s, psychology Professor Walter Michel conducted an experiment with children from Stanford kindergarten to find out how much they can restrain their desires.

Questions that guide me through life

I have formed for myself 5 main and 5 detailed questions that I want to integrate into my life. They will become part of the Foundation that I create for myself while studying at the SCP.

Are the memories stored in the subconscious real (GDP)

Is subconscious memory a dangerous belief?

The head of the family puts things in order

In this conversation, there is a simple idea: in any case, there should be a senior. Whatever you call him-leader, commander, chief-but in any case, there must be someone who keeps order. If there is no senior, there is no order. Two commanders means there is no one commander. A car doesn't ha...

Why do women choose hidden influence over open negotiations and honest agreements?

Yes, it is a difficult experience for an adult to depend on another person and not control the satisfaction of their needs and life themselves, so they will do their best to find at least some way to manage what is happening.

Time to think

To think about something, whether it's choosing a new car or school for a child, goals for life, or marking in a book next to some thought: "think” or reflect on some work task-this is the same thing as all the others in your plan for the day. Accordingly, this matter must be planned.

Friendship: nonsense and myths

"True friendship", which is based on trust and loyalty to obligations to the point of self-sacrifice.

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