To survive in the "organism – environment" system, it is enough for an animal to have intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to the environment, to the present circumstances of life.


Accommodation (from lat. accomodatio — adaptation to something) — in the concept of intelligence by Jean Piaget — a property, a side of the adaptation process.


Acmeology is a scientific branch that studies the phenomenology, patterns and mechanisms of human development at the stage of its maturity and especially when it reaches the highest level in this development.

Adoptive children: the danger of congenital factors

There are many situations where the​​​​​​​ question of​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ congenital factors is very relevant. Thanks to science, nowadays, everyone has an access to investigate that, after a making a genetic analysis of your blood, will warn you in advance about the risk of certain dangerous desea...

Albert Bandura's theory of social learning

lbert Bandura is the author of one of the most popular theories of learning. Albert Bandura believed that reward and punishment were not enough to teach new behavior.

Anderson's theory of intelligence and cognitive development (GDP)

Despite these differences, all theories of intelligence have a number of common features. All of them try to take into account the biological basis of intelligence, whether it is a basic processing mechanism or a set of multiple intellectual abilities, modules, or cognitive potentials.

Are the memories stored in the subconscious real (GDP)

Is subconscious memory a dangerous belief?


Assimilation (from Latin assimilatio - merging) - in the concept of intelligence development by Jean Piaget — an attribute, an aspect of adaptation.


Associationism – the activity of the psyche based on associations (from lat. associatio - connection).

AT: Deep relaxation

At the time, as your body begins to relax, you can close the eyes. Although you don't have to close your eyes right away, you will feel when your eyelids become heavy and you can safely close them. And the state of rest, rest and relaxation is more pleasant when the eyes are closed. Take a dee...

Cards are telling the truth

​​​​​​​I want to share a story that is relevant for many couples who are in a relationship. Often, in caring for the feelings of a partner, a person has some difficulties in voicing any discontent, in setting personal boundaries. In such situations, people either do not know how to correctly E...

Ceci's theory of intelligence (GDP)

Some critics argue that Sternberg's theory is so multi-component that its individual parts do not agree with each other (Richardson, 1986).

Childhood psychological trauma in adult life

Many psychotherapists are characterized by the belief:  "Childhood and childhood trauma fatally determine the life of an adult." How much does this belief match the scientific evidence? You can confidently answer - it does not correspond in any way. This postulate is untenable, research and ex...


Gustave Le Bon introduced the concept of the group mind. He suggested that under certain circumstances people lose their identity and merge with the crowd. This deindividualization is associated with the loss of inhibitions and the tendency of people to behave in an atypical and anti-normative...

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Солнышко: дарю радость людям!
Солнышко: дарю радость людям!

Солнышко - энергичное позитивное состояние, когда человек светится радостью и заряжает радостью окру...

Внутренние выгоды негативных эмоций и состояний
Внутренние выгоды негативных эмоций и состояний

Депрессия, неуверенность, расстройство, обиды - у людей бывают разнообразные проблемные, негативные...

Воспитание - легкое дело, или Золотые правила для родителей
Воспитание - легкое дело, или Золотые правила для родителей

Участники наших тренингов попросили нас собрать главное, что должны помнить и знать умные родители....