Resource memories

Psychologists say that photos, souvenirs, books and various pleasant things are the keepers of resource memories of happy meetings, distant countries, great successes and small victories.

How to improve low self-esteem

Friends, when I hear complaints about low self-esteem, I have a question: how do people understand that the problem is self-esteem? Well, you told yourself what you are... And where does the idea that you rated yourself inadequately come from?

Hurting phrases: how to take them?

I have long wanted to work out all my emotions, not to fall into tears, not to blush at critical comments in my direction. The final push was the case when I publicly burst into tears.

Do you need to understand your emotions?

Emotions are an auxiliary tool. If your mind fails you at some point, your emotions will start backing you up, thank them for that. But emotions are weaker than reason. The behavior of a drunk is a perfect illustration of the behavior of a person whose head is bad and who is guided only by emo...

Why coaching and psychotherapy don't work

This question has interested me for many years, I have considered it from different angles. In order to indicate the breadth of the problem in the analysis, I will briefly indicate the scope of my interests and competencies.

I forgot what envy is...

It turns out that after passing the Distance, I forgot a lot of things. First of all, what is "envy"?


​​​​​​​Reactive resistance - resistance in response to resistance as a reaction to undesirable effects.

Sources of beliefs

Intermediate variables are theoretical constructs whose value is determined through their relationships with various environmental variables, whose General effects they are intended to sum up.


The manifestations of superconsciousness include overcoming the worldview contradictions that have arisen, the first stages of the creative process (guesses, insights, hypotheses, plans, etc.).

Ceci's theory of intelligence (GDP)

Some critics argue that Sternberg's theory is so multi-component that its individual parts do not agree with each other (Richardson, 1986).

The collective unconscious

The collective unconscious is a concept of Jungian psychoanalysis. The content of the collective unconscious - universal a priori patterns of behavior that are filled with concrete content in real life.

Epistemic subject

What the epistemic subject knows is ultimately limited to those truths that are immutable. Piaget was interested in how we come to understand many truths as immutable.

Horney's Theory

Each person has the ability and desire to creatively develop their potential and take their rightful place among their own kind. Psychopathology occurs only if this innate desire for positive growth and self-realization is blocked by external social influences.

The theory of learning

The main postulate of the theory of learning is that almost all behavior is learned as a result of learning.

Erik Erikson's theory of personality development among other approaches

Personal development is also important for teachers who develop the personality of children of different ages, personal development is important for businessmen who are interested in developing the personality of their employees, personal development is also important for people who want to de...

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Внутренние выгоды негативных эмоций и состояний
Внутренние выгоды негативных эмоций и состояний

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Воспитание - легкое дело, или Золотые правила для родителей

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