Работа с эмоциями

Ключи конкретных эмоций - дополнение

На 2-й ноябрьской сессии предлагалось отработать ряд сложных эмоций. При отработке упражнения возникло ряд интересных идей, которые я решила собрать воедино, дополнив картинками и комментариями.

Палитра эмоций (упражнение)

Когда о человеке говорят: "Яркая личность!", в частности, тут подразумеваются и его богатая палитра эмоций. У человека с богатой палитрой эмоций мир эмоций и чувств необычайно богат - в нем и искренняя радость, и мимолетная грусть, и свинцовая усталость и праздная лень… Понятно, что качество э...

Emotions are like hands

Somehow I got a very curious comparison and for me a very working metaphor that I want to share: people who do not own their own emotions somehow remind me of people who do not know how to control their hands. That is, they live in a situation as if their hands did not obey their own masters.

Outburst of emotions

Outburst of emotion is the discharge of excess emotional energy in speech, expression and actions. This is a free, without internal control and obstacles, energetic throwing out of negativity and releasing emotional tension.

What is meant by emotion management

People often complain that they do not know how (or do not know enough) to manage emotions. What are they about?

Operational work with emotions in conflict

Most conflicts are accompanied by strong negative emotions that interfere with reasonable analysis.

How to overcome anger attacks

Fits of anger are an unpleasant thing both for the person himself and for others. How to learn how to relieve bouts of anger, is it possible in principle to change your character, to become a calmer and more restrained person? Sometimes you can.

Restraint and cessation of emotions

​Restraint and cessation of emotions is carried out both through suppression and through the removal of unwanted emotions.

Kinesthetic keys to trigger emotions

Kinesthetic keys to trigger emotions - everything related to the body: breathing, tension/relaxation, posture, facial expressions, expressive movements, etc.

Defeat your dragons: How to get rid of anger, jealousy and rage

​Strong negative emotions and feelings are like dragons. They are equally uncontrollable and also ready to destroy all living things around with the fire of passions.

Emotional gymnastics

​​​​​​​​​​​Emotional gymnastics often occurs naturally with us, when we laugh at each other's jokes in the morning, get angry or surprised, admire or demand order...

Working with emotions

Is it always necessary to treat unwanted emotions this way? Of course not. For example, serious respect for the fears of a child is not always justified.

Working with the emotions and condition of the client

​Working with the emotions and condition of the client is especially important when dealing with psychological problems.

Pain relief or reduction

If you sometimes have to deal with such unpleasant events in life as a splitting head, aching toothache, bleeding cuts, bruises, burns, etc., and you want to learn how to reduce pain, use the following techniques:

Managing the intensity of emotion

Quite often you need to learn how to manage the level of emotion. After all, sometimes emotions are "too much", and sometimes "catastrophically little".

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