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Ethicotypes Theory

Consumer, Creator, Dreamer, Parasite… This typology gives us a simple idea of what is right and what is wrong, an idea of what we shall pursue in life. It lets us evaluate both our and someone's behavior from an ethical point of view.

The Ethical Typology of Identity. Ethicotypes

The major key of the Synthon Method is the idea of ethicotypes, which are various ways of living, different in their levels of ethics. The typology itself is based on two axes: who a person takes care of, and at whose expense he/she does it.

How Ethicotypes Act in Various Life Situations

Within a single day, each of us can act as a Creator, Dreamer, Consumer, or even as a Parasite.

Are the memories stored in the subconscious real (GDP)

Is subconscious memory a dangerous belief?

I forgot what envy is...

It turns out that after passing the Distance, I forgot a lot of things. First of all, what is "envy"?

Do you need to understand your emotions?

Emotions are an auxiliary tool. If your mind fails you at some point, your emotions will start backing you up, thank them for that. But emotions are weaker than reason. The behavior of a drunk is a perfect illustration of the behavior of a person whose head is bad and who is guided only by emo...

The best President? Jose Mujica

From 2010 to 2015, Uruguay was in the hands of an amazing man — Jose Mujica, dubbed "the world's poorest President". Mujica was well described by the Daily Mail: "at last there is a politician honest in his expenses." This President, who is widely known in his country by the nickname El Pepe, ...

Поколение на горошине: рожденные после 1989 года как новый вид людей

Такие ранимые и вместе с тем такие агрессивные... Знакомься: поколение, рожденное после 1989 года. Ты легко узнаешь их по стаканчику с кофе, самокату, кедам и набору претензий к жизни.

To survive in the "organism – environment" system, it is enough for an animal to have intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to the environment, to the present circumstances of life.

Two-factor theory of emotions by Schechter and Singer

In total, two factors are important for us to understand our emotional state: whether there is a physiological arousal and what circumstances, the occurrence of which situation we can explain it.

How to develop a child's mind and thinking?

Some games that are specifically designed to develop thinking (they are called intellectual) are useful not only for children, but also for adults. For most of the following, it is enough to have only a sheet of paper and a pencil at hand

Бабушка Тамара

​​​​​​​Как-то в гостях меня попросили поговорить с бабушкой Тамарой: все беспокоились, потому что она последнее время стала отказываться есть...

Ideal woman

The ideal woman does not fight with men, because she has weaned herself without the need to fight. It's a bad habit for her. A woman can use her military Arsenal only by winning a man, when she seduces, flirts, plays and this pleases the man, who, in turn, tries to win her.

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Если вы расстроились - не расстраивайтесь, все поправимо!
Если вы расстроились - не расстраивайтесь, все поправимо!

Расстройство - состояние "все плохо" и "ничего не могу", "не получается". Был собранным - стал расст...

Послушание мудрой жены
Послушание мудрой жены

Когда приступала к этому упражнению, увидела образ монашки в платочке, которая лапки сложила. Но пот...

Нужна консультация психолога? Мы вам поможем
Нужна консультация психолога? Мы вам поможем

Если вам нужна консультация психолога, вы пришли по адресу. У вас могут быть вопросы личного плана:...