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Бабушка Тамара

​​​​​​​Как-то в гостях меня попросили поговорить с бабушкой Тамарой: все беспокоились, потому что она последнее время стала отказываться есть...

Ideal woman

The ideal woman does not fight with men, because she has weaned herself without the need to fight. It's a bad habit for her. A woman can use her military Arsenal only by winning a man, when she seduces, flirts, plays and this pleases the man, who, in turn, tries to win her.

Psychological self-portrait of an honest woman

Editor's note: this is a brilliant honest report; a girl's introspection of her own life. This is not fictional, but real, minimally edited material.

Как разговаривать с детьми-подростками

Воспитание, как и политика - искусство возможного. В хороших семьях с детьми-подростками разговаривают тепло, спокойно и по-деловому, как со взрослыми. Твердость - необходима, поскольку подростка в это время может "заносить". Нет, на ночь в гости не отпущу. Нет, сейчас не гулять, а помочь по д...

Turning boring tasks into interesting and useful ones, or how easy is it to do routine work?

In our life, there are boring things and not always the eyes are burning with enthusiasm to take up them. Especially if this is a mandatory task and it must be completed at all costs. And it happens that there are many such cases. They constantly require your attention and effort, and also acc...

Education of nobles and aristocrats

Nobles and aristocrats were brought up in the family circle – but how these families were not similar to what we consider families today!

Development of problems of personality psychology in the 80-90s

A concrete expression of the growing role of the explanatory approach and the type of research is theoretical modeling, which replaces the simple description of the subject of research, through an equally simple reference to the field of problems of personality psychology. Several decades earl...

Как приучать к формату

Приучать к формату нужно всех, но всех - по разному. Маленькие дети - это особый разговор. Объяснить правильное поведение ребенку бывает полезно, но маленькие дети объяснения понимают не всегда, а прямо скажем - плохо. Большее впечатление на них производят яркие картинки (впечатления), понятны...

Men's values, men's responsibilities

A real man knows his manly duties. Men's honor: to honor the law, protect loved ones and the Motherland. The man is the protector. A man protects his loved ones and what is dear to him. In any case, he lives not only for himself. A man should have a profession and earn money. A man should buil...

Rules of communication, or waterfall of kindness

​​​​​​​It often happens that we, adults, talk about good things, teach children to communicate with each other correctly. At the same time, children are well integrated into the conversation, seem to understand and follow the rules of behavior. But this is while they are under the attention of...

Ideal man

Smart and decent women most often want to see in the man of their dreams intelligence, strength and reliability.

A handsome man is attractive, but it is not the beauty of the body that makes him a man. Beauty is always replaced by neatness, and a man should take care that his body can ...

We all have a destiny

The universe leads a real woman through life, and every event is given for something: a husband, a scandal, a bad mood. You just need to be careful and study why she has this tantrum, this conflict, and this loss. It is only when she understands the secret design of the world that builds every...

Do we complete what we promised?

Read in the dictionary: "A promise is a voluntary commitment, the consent of someone to perform something or, on the contrary, not to do it."

How does a child's successful development begin?

I think that you, psychologists, parents, teachers, have heard that every person is a priori capable by nature. But why do some really show their talent, and others their ordinariness?

Reasons to love school and how to become a professional?

I don't remember a day when I didn't want to go to school. In high school, we didn't just learn from the lessons themselves, we were at school jostling day and night on all sorts of additional intensive courses.

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Если вы расстроились - не расстраивайтесь, все поправимо!
Если вы расстроились - не расстраивайтесь, все поправимо!

Расстройство - состояние "все плохо" и "ничего не могу", "не получается". Был собранным - стал расст...

Вечная задача о добрых родителях и милом, но непослушном ребенке
Вечная задача о добрых родителях и милом, но непослушном ребенке

​​​​​​​Игрушки нужно убирать. Родители сказали - игрушки убраны, а не напомнили - не убраны. И сколь...

Эффективное совещание: быстро, умно и по делу
Эффективное совещание: быстро, умно и по делу

Длинные совещания - убийство эффективного бизнеса. Как собираться по делу, решая вопросы по уму и бы...