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Rules of communication, or waterfall of kindness

​​​​​​​It often happens that we, adults, talk about good things, teach children to communicate with each other correctly. At the same time, children are well integrated into the conversation, seem to understand and follow the rules of behavior. But this is while they are under the attention of...

Ideal man

Smart and decent women most often want to see in the man of their dreams intelligence, strength and reliability.

A handsome man is attractive, but it is not the beauty of the body that makes him a man. Beauty is always replaced by neatness, and a man should take care that his body can ...

We all have a destiny

The universe leads a real woman through life, and every event is given for something: a husband, a scandal, a bad mood. You just need to be careful and study why she has this tantrum, this conflict, and this loss. It is only when she understands the secret design of the world that builds every...

Do we complete what we promised?

Read in the dictionary: "A promise is a voluntary commitment, the consent of someone to perform something or, on the contrary, not to do it."

How does a child's successful development begin?

I think that you, psychologists, parents, teachers, have heard that every person is a priori capable by nature. But why do some really show their talent, and others their ordinariness?

Reasons to love school and how to become a professional?

I don't remember a day when I didn't want to go to school. In high school, we didn't just learn from the lessons themselves, we were at school jostling day and night on all sorts of additional intensive courses.

Epigenetics and the revolution in the thinking of practical psychologists

Over the past 20 years, fantastic things have happened in neuroscience, which, unfortunately, are not implemented in our practical psychology, there are no popular books on this topic. So I wanted to tell you the most important discoveries that will be useful for understanding what happens to ...

Magic shower

​​​​​​​Showering with cold water is both a hardening and healing procedure recommended at the beginning of colds. There is no danger of getting sick, and the fact that it is cold is only a glitch from fear. Start drenching yourself in icy water in the summer, and soon it will be as much a favo...

Would my initiative be another humiliation?

In this case, the purpose of the initiative is to make it clear to the man: "Well, Yes, it was my usual show-off again-I wanted to show character, but the character, due to a boring, idle life, did not show up, so I'm backing down.

Teens in crisis? We won't have it!

Denis is eleven, and he began to argue strongly with us - with me and my wife.

George Bonanno

In a landmark 2004 article, clinical psychologist George Bonanno argued for expanding the concept of the stress response. He defined endurance as the ability of people who have experienced a traumatic experience to maintain a relatively stable psychological and physical state. Bonanno studied ...

Is perfectionism the secret of success or a disease?

Perfectionism - in psychology, the belief that an ideal can and should be achieved. In the pathological form-the belief that an imperfect result of work has no right to exist. Also, perfectionism is the desire to remove all " superfluous "or make" uneven "object " even".


We first come up with something, and then forget that we invented it ourselves and are happy to believe in our idea as in the truth.

Childhood psychological trauma in adult life

Many psychotherapists are characterized by the belief:  "Childhood and childhood trauma fatally determine the life of an adult." How much does this belief match the scientific evidence? You can confidently answer - it does not correspond in any way. This postulate is untenable, research and ex...

Диагноз по рисунку

В профессиональном экспертном исследовании проективные методики могут использоваться в качестве дополнения для того, чтобы ещё раз подтвердить уже полученные результаты посредством других методов.

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Умение понимать: сплав техники и души
Умение понимать: сплав техники и души

Умение понимать - дорогое и редкое умение. Не понимать - проще: не понравилось сказанное собеседнико...

Воспитание хороших привычек. Как отучать от обид и приучать к разумному общению?
Воспитание хороших привычек. Как отучать от обид и приучать к разумному общению?

Воспитание, тем более перевоспитание - дело исключительно творческое, и чаще всего здесь оказываются...

Как реагировать на фразу
Как реагировать на фразу "Мне страшно, я боюсь"?

Как правило, за фразами "Мне страшно" или "Я боюсь" стоят никакие не страхи, а нежелание человека се...